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My name is Jason Saunders.  I am an artist and a craftsman from Los Angeles.  I grew up in foster homes and creativity has long been a way for me to both express myself and to loose myself. Along the way I’ve picked up a few skills and a few tools. With them I try to bring objects into reality that  stimulate thought, and that remind people of the simple pleasures of unique and interesting things.  It is my hope that my creations bring pleasure and intrigue to the minds of those who see them.

When I was in college, earning a fine arts degree one of my professors, Dieter Muller-Stach, told me a story. When he was a child he living in World War II Munich  Germany, he recalled vividely seeking shelter as a seven year old in his parents basement as the allies carpet bombed the city above.  In the morning, he and his family came out to see the other side of the street in ruins where the day before existed beautiful old German apartment buildings. That day there was smoldering ash, rubble and suffering.  There are two types of metal, Dieter told me: The kind that creates destruction and hurt. and the kind that creates things of beauty and utility and that is helpful to man kind.  I want to follow in Dieter's steps and create interesting works of art, and things of benefit

While my primary focus is my creations, I do also help others to realize their visions by making them. I can do everything from decks to furniture and I do it with pride and attention to detail.  All of the works here in my portfolio are mine but the ones listed under Fabrication are the ideas of others brought into reality by myself and my friends who help me.