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There is an interesting layer added to the story of an artwork when the objects the piece is composed of has held a past life as something else.  It makes one think about consumption,  marketing ,  and scale in the products in one’s everyday life.  My lottery ticket mandalas highlight the many colors and happy designs of the tickets themselves.  My large children’s cereal box piece focuses attention on the fantastic design of the boxes and how the cereals are marketed to children using bright vivid colors and exorbitantly happy cartoon characters. The Whip-its invoke the thought of consumption but they also have an interesting shape that lend themselves to the construction of more complex objects, much like a Lego does.  At the same time there is a darker aspect to the pieces in that they call attention to how we are being manipulated to consume, the scale of our consumption and by extension our waste stream.  I’ve turned these materials into objects that I hope bring happiness and intellectual stimulation to the viewer.


  1. Whippit Tank
  2. Royal Transport 621
  3. Whippit Frankie
  4. Whippit Monkey
  5. Whippit Viper.
  6. Lottery Ticket Calander
  7. Lottery Ticket Mandalla
  8. Your Name Here
  9. Whippit Wabit
  10. Whippit Bear
  11. Dematerializing Skateboards
  12. Dematerializing Skateboards
  13. Dragons guarding the Pearl of Wisdon event tent.
  14. Dragons guarding the Pearl of Wisdon event tent.
  15. Detail of Cereal Box piece
  16. Children's Cereal Box Materializing
  17. Just a Drop in the Ocean
  18. “Your Name Here”
  19. Sculptural wall piece 2015
  20. Steam Punk Palm Tree
  21. Steam Punk Palm Tree
  22. Your Name Here
  23. Just a Drop in the Ocean
  24. Wisdom Tree 2017
  25. Wisdom Tree 2017
  26. Spiral Collage 2016
  27. Steel Mandala Flower Screen
Whip-it Creatures is a series of sculptures I started  in 2014.  
They’re typically under 10 inches in size and are intended to convey a 
sense of fun, whimsy and fantastical optimism.  Many of the creatures,
made of small steel gas canisters, are posed in stances optimistically
looking up, have burst suggestive of fireworks or flowers and are
painted in bright multi-layered metallic colors.

  1. Twirl
  2. Chicken Punk
  3. Wabit Bomber
  4. Yeah
  5. Cheerleader
  6. Whippit Flower
  7. Whippit Punk
  8. Spike
  9. Burst
  10. Stealth Whippit
  11. Hug Me.

ARTWORKS 2005 TO 2009

In the 2000’s I was in a lot of group art shows and my work a little more eclectic but the themes of collage and re-contextualizing remains consistent.

ARTWORKS 2005 TO 2009

  1. Army Man Dragon
  2. Lotto Dollar
  3. Ode to My Favorite Addiction
  4. Our Addiction
  5. Title 5
  6. I heart Drugs
  7. Milk Man on Acid
  8. Motorcycle
  9. Title 10
  10. Title 11
  11. Title 12
  12. Title 13


I’ve come a long way since my university days but some things still remain the same.  As a former foster child I am proud of the challenges I have overcome to earn a degree and the body of work I have created.


  1. Plea
  2. Prayers to the powers that Be.
  3. Buddah
  4. Title 4
  5. Screw Drivers with iron filings
  6. Senior Thesis Show
  7. The man with a clubed hand
  8. The man with a clubed hand
  9. Every Single Piece of Candy I ate in College.
  10. The Corporate Camera
  11. Ink